The shape design of the suspended ceiling air disinfector (PS-501T4) adopts a thin box structure, which can be hung and wall hung, and is widely used in homes, office buildings, clubs, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, pet shops and other places where odor or bacteria are easily generated. Main performance:

  1. It has multiple functions and good strong deodorization effect;
  2. Three gear speed regulation control, low noise in dust collection operation;
  3. It can be used for centralized control of multiple units.

The shell of the ceiling type air disinfector is made of 2mm thick decorative plates, which can fit the machine to the ceiling of the room roof. It is easy to install and has an ideal interior decoration. The plasma is used to decompose and break down the bacteria, purify, filter and absorb the dust, and then go through the high intensity ultraviolet ray synergistic sterilization. The treated clean air circulates rapidly, so that the controlled environment of the product remains in the standard requirements of “sterile and dust-free room”.

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