ine uses a specific voltage to convert electrons in particle atoms in the air into electrical ions. Electric ions in the air are formed by millions of positive and negative ions. These ions can simulate the air environment of natural mountainous areas after calculation and measurement.
In addition to making people feel fresher indoors, they can also simulate. In addition to the natural mountain air environment, it can also effectively solve various air pollution problems in the room. The air disinfection machine produced by this independent plasma disinfection system can effectively kill the dust particles and pollen in the air through the ion key. These charged particles quickly condense into particles! Increasing their size and easy to be removed by the filter, reducing the breathing area of bacteria.
In addition, it can quickly neutralize the odor and organic pollutants that are oxidized and quickly eliminated by active oxygen molecules. Plasma air disinfection machines can also obtain certain energy through balanced positive and negative ion air electron pulse power. When the electrons collide with the bacteria and the mold spores, the energy passed by the chemical bond can be the same or similar, thereby destroying these keys. As a result, bacteria and mold cannot be reproduced.
Precautions for using plasma air disinfection machine:

  1. When disinfected with a disinfection machine, the doors and windows should be closed.
  2. In order to ensure the disinfection effect of air disinfection machines, the disinfection time should be ≥120min.
  3. When disinfected with a plasma air disinfection machine in this machine, the air around the machine should be kept unobstructed and no object blocks.
  4. When moving and loading and loading air disinfection machines, you should pay special attention. Do not make this machine hit or fall to the ground by hard objects.
  5. Found abnormalities during use. If there is a odor or damage to the lamp, when it needs to be processed, it should immediately turn off the power switch of the mechanical and electrical source and pull out the power plug.
  6. When using an air disinfection machine, the operator should hold a certificate and must not violate the basic requirements of the operation.
  7. Continuous use of air disinfection machines for a total of 1,000 hours, the filter should be cleaned to maintain the plasma generator or replace it in time, check whether the fan is damaged, and replace the sterilization effect in time.

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