Window ventilation cannot solve the fundamental problem, so there is the use of air disinfection machines. As we all know, common air disinfection machines include mobile, wall -mounted, cabinet type (vertical cabinet) and ceiling or ceiling air disinfection machines. Taking this opportunity, Xiaobian will introduce the working principle of the top -suction air disinfection machine.
The top -absorbing air disinfection machine is mainly based on initial effects filters, medium -efficiency filters, HEPA high -efficiency filters, activated carbon filter membranes, photocatalyst filters, dual high -pressure plasma electric fields, negative ion generators, super ultraviolet sterilization lamps (optional) Composition of the shell.
The working principle of the top -suction air disinfection machine is to inhale the dirty air in the closed space into the disinfection machine from the bottom air outlet. Negative electronic dust plate, adsorbing dust and bacteria on the dust collection, and killing bacteria. High -strength ultraviolet lamp tube again kills bacteria flowing through the surface of the gas. The activated carbon filter film and HEPA high -efficiency filter purification Clear harmful gases in the gas. The gases after disinfection and purification are returned to the space from the machine to the air outlet, thereby reducing the total bacteria of the unit volume.

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