The plasma medical air disinfector adopts a plasma air disinfection and purification system, which uses a specific voltage to convert the electrons in the atoms of particles in the air into charged ions. The air will produce millions of positive and negative ions when passing through these electric ions. These ions can simulate the air environment in natural mountain areas after accurate hormone and measurement. In addition to making the indoor air feel more “fresh”, they can also effectively solve various indoor air pollution problems.

The advantages of using plasma medical air disinfectors lie in the following four aspects, which are incomparable with ultraviolet ray and activated carbon medical air disinfectors in the current market:

  1. Plasma medical air disinfector can effectively reduce dust particles, dust removal, haze, etc. There are a lot of dust particles and pollens in our living environment, and these charged ions quickly agglomerate into particles! The increased size can be easily removed by the filter, reducing the bacteria in the breath, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.
  2. In addition to the above disinfection and sterilization effect, the plasma medical air disinfector also has the purification effect. It can effectively combine and oxidize odorous gases by active oxygen molecules, and eliminate odors and pollution sources quickly.
  3. Working principle of plasma medical air disinfector. A certain amount of energy is obtained during the balanced positive and negative ion air electron pulse discharge. When the electron collides with bacteria and mold spores, the energy transmitted is the same or similar to the bond energy of chemical bonds. When these bonds are broken, bacteria and mold can no longer reproduce.
  4. The plasma medical air disinfector is a good device for formaldehyde removal in addition to bacteria and viruses elimination. There may be a large number of paints, solvents and various volatile organic compounds in our newly decorated hospital rooms. When ions collide with these organic compounds to break these bonds, the free groups of excited nuclear molecules play the role of activation or direct degradation, jointly promoting TVOC degradation, generating carbon dioxide and water molecules, so as to effectively remove formaldehyde.

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