1. Air disinfection

Atomization: use spray technology to atomize liquid hydrogen peroxide into aerosols of small particles under pressure and spray them into the air for disinfection.

  1. Disinfection of object surface

According to the nature of the object surface, disinfecting wipes, cleaning disinfectants or 3% hydrogen peroxide can be selected, sprayed or soaked for disinfection for 30min, and then washed with clean water to remove residual disinfectants.

  1. Disinfection of floor and wall

The pollution degree of the wall is generally lighter than that of the ground, and conventional disinfection is not required. When there is no obvious pollution on the ground, wipe it with clean water and detergent once a day or twice a day; Clean at any time when there is obvious pollution. When the floor or wall is polluted by blood, body fluid, excreta, vomit or secretion, the pollutants shall be removed in time, and hydrogen peroxide disinfectant shall be used for mopping, wiping or spraying for disinfection for 30 minutes.

  1. Working principle of shelter disinfection device:

Liden Environmental Protection has developed the air disinfection device for plasma releasing hospital. Its working principle is to use the plasma tube of the plasma air disinfection device to generate a large number of positive and negative ions. The charged ion clusters actively attack the viral bacteria, destroy the cell membrane, the DNA and protein of the virus, and rapidly inactivate the airborne bacteria and viruses until they are killed and decomposed, reaching the air disinfection standard of the releasing hospital.

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