1. The effect of plasma sterilization and disinfection is very ideal, which can be used in food enterprises’ cooling, filling, packaging workshops, medical systems (such as operating rooms, ICU wards, delivery rooms, neonatal rooms), sterile laboratories, etc.
  2. Another important feature is that plasma disinfection will not cause harm to the human body, and it can be used in the presence of people. It can continuously carry out dynamic disinfection and purification of the indoor air of various departments in the hospital, which not only realizes “man-machine coexistence disinfection and sterilization”, but also effectively prevents the reproduction of bacteria in the air, effectively ensuring the occurrence of infectious events.
  3. The plasma air disinfector has low price and use cost, and is easy to operate. It can be used directly by plugging in the power supply, without stopping production or shutting down, and without workshop decoration and transformation. Cabinet type, wall mounted, and mobile plasma disinfectors can be selected independently. The disinfection mode can be set according to demand, and can be operated with one button. It has low noise, low motor power, and can reduce the long-term operation cost.
  4. Working principle of plasma air disinfection: the plasma tube of the plasma air disinfection device generates a large number of positive and negative ions, and the charged ion cluster attacks the virus and bacteria actively, destroying the cell membrane, the DNA and protein of the virus, making the air bacteria and viruses lose their activity rapidly until they are killed and decomposed.

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