The electron hole pair is generated on the nano semiconductor by UV light irradiation, and reacts with the water (H O) and oxygen (O) adsorbed on the surface to generate hydroxyl radical (OH -) and super negative oxygen radical (O -, O -) with active oxidation. It can reduce various waste odorous gases such as aldehydes, benzene, ammonia, nitrogen oxides, sulfides and other VOC organic and inorganic substances into carbon dioxide (CO), water (H2O) and other non-toxic and harmless substances under the action of photocatalytic oxidation, and can effectively kill a variety of bacteria, and can decompose and harmless treat the toxins released by bacteria or fungi. It has the effects of deodorization, disinfection and sterilization. Since there is no additive in the process of photocatalytic oxidation, it will not produce secondary pollution.

Hydrogen and oxygen free radicals can attack the double bile layer of the outer wall of bacteria, causing lethal lipid peroxidation of microorganisms.

The sixth generation photocatalyst air sterilization technology is one of the most advanced sterilization technologies in the world, and also an internationally recognized advanced oxidation sterilization technology. The sterilization efficiency can reach more than 90% per second, including the famous H7N9, SARS, avian influenza, hand foot mouth disease and other epidemic viruses.

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