1. Ultraviolet disinfection equipment:

It can realize air sterilization and surface sterilization. The effective disinfection distance is 2.5 meters, and the price is cheap. However, disinfection needs to be closed, people must leave (causing great damage to people’s eyes and skin), and electricity consumption is large. Moreover, there are many manufacturers, uneven quality, and unstable effect.

  1. Ozone sterilization and disinfection equipment:

It can realize air sterilization and surface sterilization, but personnel must leave during sterilization, which is harmful to human respiratory tract and nervous system, consumes more power, has many products and unstable performance.

  1. Disinfection water (including hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, chlorine containing disinfectant)

The surface, mainly the hand disinfection, may be harmful to the respiratory tract, accelerate the aging of the surface, and cannot disinfect the air.

  1. Inhalation type plasma sterilization and disinfection equipment:

The plasma tube of the inhaled ionized air disinfection device generates a large number of positive and negative ions. The charged ion cluster attacks the virus and bacteria actively, destroys the cell membrane, the DNA and protein of the virus, and makes the air bacteria and viruses lose their activity rapidly until they are killed and decomposed. Air dynamic disinfection and sterilization, which realizes the coexistence of human and machine, can prevent cross infection. However, this method has no effect on the surface of objects. It needs to be closed during disinfection. The disinfection space is also relatively small, with low disinfection efficiency and high maintenance cost.

  1. Plasma sterilization and disinfection equipment:

Plasma spraying disinfection and sterilization can not only directly spray to kill bacteria in the air, but also have disinfection and sterilization effect on the surface of the object. Moreover, it is 4 times faster in sterilization and disinfection, with a large disinfection area, and it can also ventilate in a small range during disinfection. However, APJD plasma spraying technology is currently used in banks, hospitals, laboratories, etc., and is still less used in the civil field.

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