The working principle of the dynamic sterilization and disinfection machine developed by Liden Environmental Protection Institute uses its plasma generator to generate a large number of positive and negative ions. The charged ion clusters actively attack the virus and bacteria, destroy the cell membrane, the DNA and protein of the virus, and rapidly inactivate the air bacteria and viruses until they are killed and decomposed, which has reached the standard of the shelter hospital

The dynamic air disinfector is used by many food production enterprises. Now it is generally used in food cooling and packaging, which can effectively avoid the secondary pollution of our food by microorganisms in the air during cooling and packaging. After using the dynamic air disinfector, the food safety problems caused by excessive microorganisms in food are avoided. It reduces pollution and greatly improves the shelf life of our food.

When the machine is started, the indoor air containing bacteria will be sucked into the machine. The first layer of sterilization chamber will kill the natural bacteria in the air, the second layer will kill the mold in the air, and the third layer will kill the legionella in the air. When disinfecting indoor air, workers can produce simultaneously, without any harm to human body and any residue to food, medicine and other products. It is mainly used for uninterrupted and continuous synchronous dynamic disinfection in the presence of people.

The technology of dynamic sterilizing machine is very mature now. The machine does not need to be stopped at work, just shut down after work, even if our 24-hour work can always be open to disinfect our workshop. The dynamic air disinfector can work in the presence of people without any harm to the human body.

The dynamic air disinfector is a machine that can realize the simultaneous sterilization of the air in the workshop while the workers are working. The key is that it will not cause any harm to the health of our workers. High voltage ion plasma electrostatic field is used to decompose and break down bacteria, carbonize and adsorb dust, and then combine drug impregnated activated carbon and electrostatic mesh components for secondary sterilization and filtration. A large amount of clean air after treatment circulates rapidly.

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