The working principle of the bipolar ion air purification device uses the bipolar ion air generator to generate a large number of positive and negative ions. The charged ion clusters actively attack the virus and bacteria, destroy the cell membrane, the DNA and protein of the virus, and rapidly inactivate the air bacteria and viruses until they are killed and decomposed.

The air passes through a bipolar ion tube, which ionizes the air to form bipolar (positive and negative) air ions. The air flow then conveys the generated ions through the air duct system to the area served by the system or the area where the independent external model can be applied.

There is no need for continuous maintenance, frequent replacement of filter element, or frequent cleaning of electrostatic dust collector. Our filter element is recommended to be replaced after one and a half years and two years. Unlike other manufacturers, which only rely on filtering technology, they need to replace the filter element frequently, and the ion tube needs to be replaced only after two years.

The generated bipolar ions can more effectively purify a large number of and various pollutants than other air purification systems, because the ions diffuse to people’s breathing space and neutralize and degrade pollutants at the source of pollution. This is far superior to other air purification methods that attempt to pass all pollutants through the filter screen, because there is usually a problem of insufficient airflow. The natural purification of air is in the area where you breathe, just like the natural purification of air in nature. This is the case for the ventilation pipe purification sterilizer (PS-508T).

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