Disinfector is a kind of machine that uses mechanical principle to produce physical or chemical disinfection elements to act on toxic substances to achieve disinfection purpose, and is widely used in medical and daily life fields. There are food purification disinfectors for families, underwear drying disinfectors, commercial steam disinfectors, medical air disinfectors, etc.

Medical air disinfectors play a very important role in controlling the spread of infectious diseases and pathogens of hospital infection by filtering and disinfecting the air, and play a vital role in controlling the medical environment. Today, we will follow Wei Yi to understand the importance of medical air disinfectors.

In order to keep more people away from the virus, Aolan brand, adhering to the concept of health home, jointly developed and produced this air purification and disinfection machine with many universities and scientific research institutions.

  1. The use of air purification and disinfection machine is an electrical equipment with both purification and sterilization functions. The use of the purification and disinfection technology of air purification and disinfection machine can quickly solve indoor dust, smoke, odor and other air pollutants.

The medical air disinfector can thoroughly disinfect all bacteria and viruses in the ward in the medical environment, even in dead corners. To use this equipment, it is necessary to master its operation method, so as to better play the greater role of the air disinfector.

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