Dynamic sterilization disinfection machine installation and application of activated carbon filters can effectively remove degradation of toxic and harmful gases and odors. At the same time, the dynamic air disinfection machine is installed with ozone -free high -intensity ultraviolet collaborative sterilization (optional opening), which effectively solves the effect of disinfection and sterilization effects of high -pressure zone due to long -term use of sucking a large amount of dust particles (not cleaning the honeycomb dust area in time) The problem of reduction. What are the range of dynamic sterilization disinfection machines?
Dynamic sterilization disinfection machine range
The dynamic air disinfection machine is a circulating wind disinfection machine. The high -strength ultraviolet rays of the filter are used as a disinfection factor to drive the air to continuously circulate through the disinfectant. The device is turned on, and after 30 minutes of boot work, it automatically enters 15min, and it is 15 minutes.
Dynamic air disinfection machines have independent air purification disinfection devices, with various forms such as cabinet, wall -mounted, and ceiling. A 2000m3/h air -volume air dynamic disinfection machine is opened for 60min in the 200M3 space room to meet the disinfection requirements.
Dynamic air disinfection machine application field:

  1. Air disinfection of public occasions and enterprise units, such as cinemas, corporate sewage treatment, hospitals, beauty salons, entertainment halls, stations, hotels, public baths, hair salons, sterile rooms, etc. Essence
  2. Help the planting industry and breeding industry to disinfect water, air, appliances, etc.
  3. In the process of food preservation and processing of food, it can help Chinese herbal medicine, drinking water, food, fruits, vegetables, meat products, etc. for disinfection and sterilization, and increase its freshness rate.
  4. During the process of processing and production of the factory, dynamic air disinfection machines can be disinfected, because most of the factory workshops are sealed, and the air circulation is low.

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