The health of the home environment is very important to urban residents, especially the air environment of the hospital. Many diseases are caused by people being indoors for a long time, the air cannot be circulated and bacteria grow. This requires us to frequently disinfect indoors. A commonly used tool for indoor disinfection is a hydrogen peroxide sterilizer. Hydrogen peroxide sterilizer has many advantages, so it is welcomed by various industry units.

Hydrogen peroxide sterilizer

One cost is small. The disinfection effect is good, not only suitable for use in hospitals, but also in other industries. Hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine, low cost, high cost performance, high disinfection effect and fast. The more important hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is a medical dynamic sterilizer with human and machine coexistence. There is no impact on indoor personnel and machinery and equipment during the disinfection process.

Second, there are many styles and choices. Each model of hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is different in shape, size and function. As we all know, the space of many hospitals is not very large, and the arrangement and use of many medical equipment pay attention to coordination. Therefore, a small room can be equipped with a hydrogen peroxide sterilizer with a smaller volume; if there are many rooms that need to be sterilized, you can choose a mobile hydrogen peroxide sterilizer to facilitate room-by-room disinfection; some rooms in the hospital may be relatively large, and Disinfection requirements are also very high, such as: major operating rooms, delivery rooms. In this case, it is necessary to choose a hydrogen peroxide sterilizer with a larger function.

  1. Simple operation, convenient maintenance and low failure rate. Hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is a relatively mature product in my country. It has reached a very complete technical level in terms of product quality and product performance convenience, so the failure rate is low; it is also very simple in operation and can be used for remote temporary disinfection and automatic disinfection. , Timed automatic shutdown; later maintenance is also very convenient.

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