As a new type of disinfectant, why is hydrogen peroxide recognized by the state?
Hydrogen peroxide is an inorganic small molecule, which can penetrate the cell wall and cell membrane of microorganisms, destroy the active substances such as proteins and nucleic acids of microorganisms, and cause the death of microorganisms.

Hydrogen peroxide is a kind of weakly acidic hydrogen peroxide with stable pH value. It is developed on the basis of guaranteeing anquan, for the purpose of sterilization and deodorization, and with priority. Is a new era of environmentally friendly products.

Due to its unique production process, the pH can be stabilized in the range of 6.20-0.05, and the hydrogen peroxide is a stable weak acid. It can be stored for 12 months in the dark. It is mild and non-irritating to human skin. It is colorless and odorless. There is residue like water, so you can use it with confidence.

When alcohol and water coexist in the hand sanitizer system, various forces between protein molecules will be destroyed, and the protein will lose its physiological activity, thereby achieving the purpose of sterilization. Excessive alcohol can rapidly precipitate protein to form a protective film, but hinder its deep penetration and play a bactericidal effect.

Can it be absorbed with antibacterial hand sanitizer?

Actually, you are wrong again. Point out that this antibacterial hand sanitizer might do the trick in the absence of any cleaning. But as soon as you have the conditions to wash your hands, try to wash your hands with tap water, so you can wash them more cleanly, instead of using antibacterial hand sanitizers.

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