1. Medical system: hospital, pharmaceutical factory, operating room, ward, blood station, electronic purification room, laboratory, etc.;

Ding -sucking air disinfection machine

  1. Factory: Electronics factory, photoretical factory, plastic hardware factory, cosmetics factory, food factory, clean finished product workshop, etc.;
  2. office buildings: telecommunications, government office buildings, conference rooms, banks, securities, units, etc.
  3. Public places: stations, airports, hotels, beauty shops, supermarkets, theaters, venues, exhibition halls, libraries, etc.

The above is an introduction to which places are suitable for the top -suction air disinfection machine. The panel of the ceiling air disinfection machine uses a sealing material to strengthen the configuration of the disinfection machine. In terms of noise reduction and intensity, the disinfection machine is better. Performance, the unique advantage of the top -suction air disinfection machine, meets the needs of more places. And the hidden air -sucking air disinfection machine is installed on the ceiling, which is beautiful and generous, and the disinfection effect is better. The four -piece film is windy, the air circulation is faster, and the disinfection is more thorough. High -tech content of facilities.

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