1. Hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid: mainly used for disinfection of floors, walls, doors and windows, etc. in public places such as hospitals. This is highly corrosive and not suitable for home use. The carriage can be sterilized with a 0.5 point peracetic acid solution. Household washing machines can be disinfected with 84 hydrogen peroxide every two or three months.

2.94 Hydrogen peroxide: with compound quaternary ammonium salt as the main component, it is non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive, non-irritating, and can kill intestinal pathogens, pyogenic cocci and pathogenic yeasts. It can quickly kill bacteria and viruses on various utensils and surfaces, such as fruits, clothes and tableware.

  1. Drops and Lysol: It is more suitable for home use and can kill bacteria. Generally speaking, a tub of washing machine can add 3 to 5 drops of water. You can also add water to make a solution of 1 point to 5 points. Clothes and sheets can be soaked in the solution for half an hour to an hour, and then washed with water. It can also be formulated as a 1-dot to 3-dot solution for wiping indoor furniture and floors.
  2. Bleaching: 1- to 3-point liquid prepared by bleaching can be used to spray or wipe bathrooms and toilets; 0.5-point bleach solution can also soak bowls and cups, spittoons, bedpans, and contaminated clothing.
  3. Potassium permanganate: suitable for disinfection of fruits and vegetables, but the soaking time is more than 5 minutes.

The disinfection method of zuichangyong is alcohol, which can disinfect the skin or soak the tableware with 75 points of alcohol for 30 minutes. Alcohol kills bacteria by denaturing and coagulating their proteins, but alcohol has a strong, pungent odor that makes many people uncomfortable.

Small surfaces of various objects, such as mobile phone screens, office desktops, etc. It can also be disinfected with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, but it should be diluted proportionally before use.

My family uses hydrogen peroxide drops for daily household disinfection, which can kill common live viruses in daily life and effectively inactivate viruses at 99 points. This is a highly concentrated formula where bixu is mixed with water. Add about 1.25 liters of water (about 3 bottles of mineral water) to 3 bottles of hydrogen peroxide, soak with a mop or rag, and wipe the surface. After disinfection, there will be no pungent smell in the room, not only that, but also a faint smell of pine wood. Zuihou, after disinfecting the furniture, remember to open the windows for ventilation.

If indoor disinfection is required, use different disinfection methods for different objects. For indoor air, first strengthen ventilation, and then choose ultraviolet irradiation, disinfectant (such as 84 hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, etc.) spray, install air sterilizer and other methods for disinfection.

Suitable for various surfaces (such as walls, floors, desktops, etc.). ), can be sprayed or wiped with a disinfectant.

For tableware, it is best to boil or boil it in boiling water, or soak it in hydrogen peroxide, sterilize it with a disinfection cabinet, etc.

When choosing a disinfectant, you can use the commonly used 84 hydrogen peroxide, which is generally sold in supermarkets. 84 hydrogen peroxide is a kind of gaoxiao disinfectant, which can effectively kill common bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms.

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