With the further enhancement of everyone’s concept of environmental health, keywords such as sterilization, disinfection, and purification of air have gradually appeared on our ears, and there are more and more topics discussed.

In various expanding cognitives, the plasma disinfectant seems to have become a popular blind area of the public. Everyone can rarely come into contact with plasma disinfectioners in daily life, but in the medical industry, the use of plasma disinfectioners is extremely frequent. It can remove sterilization, disinfection, and purify air to avoid cross -infection.

Our company is based on medical disinfection and sterilization and cleaning, bringing overall medical sensing solutions to promote disinfection and sterilization and clean high -tech enterprises. The plasma disinfectant uses plasma sterilization and junior effects filtering dust removal, which in turn changes the indoor gas structure to ensure that human machine coexists, and bring a safer space environment and living environment to customers. In order to achieve modern development functional needs, the new generation of plasma disinfectant can achieve real -time inspection of indoor air pollution PM2.5 concentration values, and its humidity and temperature, and integrate artificial intelligence design to make home disinfection and cleaning more interesting. In addition to the plasma disinfectant, the product also includes ultraviolet air disinfectant, ozone disinfection machine, bed unit disinfection machine, household air purifier, and purification equipment, which meets the rich and diverse disinfection requirements. In the process of development, I always adhere to the values of “quality of quality and good for others”, introduce systematic advanced production equipment, and establish a systematic production line. At present, it has become a high -tech enterprise with full independent intellectual property rights. The family brings a healthier environment.

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