Failure 1: The medical disinfection machine does not insert: 1) The power supply is not electric; 2) the power plug is not inserted; 3) the fuse tube is bad or touched.
Fault 2: Plug -in of the medical disinfection machine Burning fuse tube: 1) Short -circuit failure of plug -in electromagnetic coil; 2) plug -in plug -in reverse; 3) control board port slogan insertion; 4) The control board has a short circuit failure.
Failure three: It shows that the plug -in does not go to work or the discharge volume is small: 1) the software is not inserted; 2) the plug -in is bad; 3) the impeller is stuck; 4) the car gear line is not connected; 5) insertion Electricity is 埙.
Failure 4: Some signs of the display cannot be displayed: 1) The output of air negative ions is too high; 2) 髙 髙 髙 Static electric field ignition; 3) The display screen is bad.
Fault 5: Ozone concentration High odor Punge: 1) Reduce the working voltage of the electrostatic field and use non -ozone ultraviolet sterilization lamp.
Failure 6: The sound of friction in the impeller: 1) The plug -in foam plastic is not installed; 2) the wind guide ring is moved;
Failure 7: It cannot be automatically turned on and off on time after time: 1) the actual operation is wrong; 2) the embedded processing chip is bad; 3) the capacity of the embedded battery is not enough.
Fault 8: Internal structure of the device: 1) plug -in and bad; 2) UV sterilization lamps to scorch the dirt; 3) The control board is bad.
Failure 9: There is a crackling sound after turning on: 1) Dirty objects in the electrostatic field; 2) Electric grade errors; 3) The working voltage of the electrostatic field is too high.
Failure ten: The sound of friction of the impeller: 1) plug -in foam plastic is not installed; 2) the air guide ring is moved;
In order to effectively prevent faults during the operation of the medical disinfection machine, we must pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of it in the entire process of operating machinery and equipment.

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