1. The location of the wall -mounted air disinfection machine should be placed well

Without affecting the aesthetics of the home, the effect of the wall -mounted air disinfection machine in the middle of the room is the best. You should try not to rely on walls or furniture, or leave the wall from 1 meter away from the wall. Essence Because some machines will also generate trace harmful gases around some machines, do not place them too close to the human body, especially products that use static adsorption methods

Avoid direct contact with children.

  1. It is best to turn on the wall -mounted air disinfection machine for a long time

Now most consumers will use the habits of ordinary home appliances. They feel that the air is very poor before turning on the air disinfection machine. Obviously, this temporary practice is not desirable. The purification function of the air disinfection machine requires a certain amount of time to improve the indoor air. Therefore, the air can be opened for 24 hours without conditions permit. And now some models have also launched timing functions. Using this function, we can also effectively control the use time of the disinfection machine. Depending on the different use area of your home, the air can be effectively purified in about 3-4 hours.

  1. The filter element of wall -mounted air disinfection machines should be replaced regularly

Users need to pay attention to the purification effect of the air disinfection machine in a timely manner. If the purification effect of the air disinfection machine decreases, or if there is a odor after turning on the air purifier, the filter material should be replaced in time. If the signal indicator of the disinfection machine is on, it means that the dust collection is full, and the dust collection board needs to be replaced. The time for us to replace the filter should refer to the suggestion of the instructions. Usually, it is better to replace it every six months. In addition, the replacement cycle should be adjusted according to the frequent situation of use and the severity of air pollution.

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