1. Placement location:

The air disinfection machine should be kept at a certain distance from the wall to ensure smooth indoor air. In the case of conditions permit, the air disinfection machine is placed in the middle of the living room, which is conducive to fast and comprehensively purifying the air in the living room. What should I do if other rooms also need air purification and disinfection? You can use a mobile air disinfection machine. The whole house can only use one air disinfection machine to achieve whole house disinfection.

  1. For areas with severe pollution, it is necessary to close the doors and windows for disinfection operations:

When the air disinfection machine is running, the indoor air circulation is used to output clean air through the filter and disinfectant of the air disinfection machine through the impeller to form an indoor air circulation. If the outdoor air pollution is severe, the dirty air will be continuously entered when the doors and windows are opened, and it will be difficult to complete the purpose of comprehensive purification and disinfection of indoor air, and it will greatly extend the booting time of the air disinfection machine.

  1. Know the relevant index of the air disinfection machine:

Including the CADR value, the amount of clean air outputs the air disinfection machine per hour; the CCM value refers to the cumulative purification of the air filter. When buying an air disinfection machine, you can focus on the CADR value of the air disinfection machine. Many buyers will provide corresponding values for reference. If the buyer can provide the test results of a third -party professional testing agency. CADR value is the key indicator of the air disinfection machine, and the air volume of air disinfection function will be used to calculate the air disinfection machine required for indoor space within an hour.

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