In order to improve the air quality at home and avoid the harm caused by bacteria, home ozone disinfection machines have become indispensable electrical appliances for many families. There are many types of household ozone disinfection machines in the market today, which is dazzling. What kind of ozone disinfection machine is suitable for home use?

The use of household ozone disinfectant must be careful. Different ozone disinfectants use different methods. Household ozone disinfectant can be divided into air ozone disinfection, water ozone disinfectant, fruit and vegetable disinfection, and dishwashing ozone disinfection.

If you want to choose an ozone disinfection machine suitable for home use, you must first understand its working principle. The specific working principle is that the high -voltage electric field blocks discharge, so that the oxygen electricity in the air is from ozone. Surface discharge and gap discharge are the main way. The surface discharge is open. Ozone is difficult to collect. It is generally used for air purification and disinfection such as air purifier (also collects ozone with a closed container for water treatment). Generally used for ozone household products such as foot bath, fruit and vegetable disinfection device. Ozone is output through the pipeline, and the end -installation head (mainly made of aerated stone and titanium alloy pneumatic head) is mixed with water bodies.

Ozone disinfection machines are suitable for many industries such as family (personal cleaning, washing, bathing, bathroom, bathroom, bathing, kitchen), hospitals, schools, planting, breeding, beauty salons, and public places. Why do you recommend this kind of home ozone disinfection machine? The main reasons are:

  1. Household ozone disinfection machine uses ozone sheets and power generation as the main power generation parts. Ozone sheets are different in electrode materials, moisture -proof, manufacturing technology and other aspects. Generally speaking, air -disinfected ozone household products can meet the requirements of use, mainly due to the increase in the amount of ozone from small to large.
  2. Generally, the ozone volume produced by the ozone disinfection machine and the reasonable choice of the family disinfection space should be 1000mg/h*40-60m3. Water treatment ozone machines are mainly composed of tubular occurrence components, and glass tube medium oxygen tubes are more common. Because there is no effective heat dissipation, the amount of ozone is not effective, and the concentration of ozone cannot be guaranteed, so its effect can be seen.

There are different precautions for the operation of the ozone disinfection, but one is universal, that is, you must pay attention to the use time of the ozone disinfectioner. Generally speaking, it is advisable to be about half an hour. If it is too short, the disinfection effect is not achieved, and ozone is left too long. When using an ozone disinfectioner, it is recommended to use it when no one is working, because ozone disinfectioners will release ozone when working. Ozone is a pungent gas, which generally makes people feel uncomfortable.

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