1. The principle of ultraviolet sterilization disinfectant

The disinfectant is integrated in comprehensive science principles such as electronic optical, molecular biology, mechanical equipment, electronic devices, and fluid dynamics. UV disinfectant uses a direct use of ultraviolet lines with a long period of time for high -efficiency, high*degrees, and CHAO. After the pathogenic bacteria, virus infection, etc. in the water, the ultraviolet rays of the ultraviolet disinfectant (the wavelength of light 253.7nm) in the ultraviolet disinfectant in the water, the DNA and structure of the body cells are destroyed, and the body cells cannot be developed. actual effect. On the other hand, the spectral line with a length of 185nm in light waves can dissolve the organic compound molecular structure in the water, causing a hydroxyl free radicals to oxidize the air structure of the organic compound molecular structure in the water into carbon dioxide to remove the TOC.

Second, the characteristics of ultraviolet sterilization disinfectant

  1. UV disinfectant adopts UV disinfection LED light with high efficiency, high toughness, and long use period of Chao. The use period of LED lights is more than 8000-10000 hours.
  2. UV disinfectant uses high transparency and high -purity quartz stone waterproof jackets. The ultraviolet transmission rate is more than 91%.
  3. UV disinfectant adopts stable and high -tough ultraviolet -specific stabilizers, which can prove that all ultraviolet disinfectant system software can work normally in a complex natural environment.
  4. UV disinfection device uses high -quality food -grade stainless steel plates as a reflex (304 or 316 material). Special polishing and grinding of the inner cavity of the inner cavity of the UV disinfectioner can effectively improve the light transmission of ultraviolet rays.) The actual effect of sterilization.
  5. Promote the installation, actual operation, maintenance, and use of well -known brand ultraviolet disinfectants. For different customer requirements, it is easy to install and manufacture ultraviolet disinfectants for transportation and manufacture. It is easy to install. The actual operation is simple. UV disinfectant does not require technical maintenance.

Third, the application of ultraviolet sterilization disinfectant

UV disinfection wastewater can be reused in many areas to regenerate the resource of wastewater. It is irrigated in farmland, forest land, grassland and other places to avoid the damage of organic chemical disinfection agents to green plants. The water geothermal well announced that microbial bacteria can make organic chemical disinfectants adaptable, preventing re -reproduction from blocking the geological structure. With the discussion of the principles of ultraviolet disinfection, the increasingly frequent ultraviolet technology, and the increasingly sound of its disinfection installation on the design plan, ultraviolet disinfectioners are expected to become one of the methods of traditional titanate disinfection.

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