1. High -efficiency sterilization plasma sterilization and sterilization and disinfection are extremely effective, and the functional time is short, which is greatly inferior to high -strength ultraviolet light.
  2. Environmental protective plasma sterilization and disinfection will continue to work in successive work, and will not cause ultraviolet light, active oxygen, and prevent secondary environmental pollution in the natural environment.
  3. High -efficiency decomposition Plasma disinfection machines are disinfected with air. At the same time, biodegradable and harmful gases in the air are also biodegraded in the air. 91%, 93%benzene, 78%ammonia, and 96%toluene. At the same time, it can be highly efficiently removed from polluting such as smoke and smoke.
  4. The output power of low -energy consumption and other ionic disinfection machines is 1/3 of ultraviolet sterilization machines, which is very power -saving. As far as the bedroom of 150 M3 is applicable, the plasma machine is 150 W, the ultraviolet light machine is more than 450W, and the province is more than 1,000 yuan per year.
  5. Under the normal use of the long -term plasma disinfection machine, the design scheme use period is 15 years, while the ultraviolet sterilization machine is only 5 years.
  6. Paying a lifetime of consumable UV sterilization machine for about 2 years needs to be disassembled and replaced with a large number of LED lamps, which costs nearly 1,000 yuan. Plasma disinfection machines do not need consumers for life.

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