1. Different effects
    The role of negative ion generator is to provide air vitamins, improve human immune effects, and have certain treatment and health effects.
    The function of the air purifier is mainly to remove pollutants and achieve the quality standards of cleaning air.
  2. Different working principles
    The principle of negative ion generators ionize the positive and negative ions in the air under high voltage, and the negative ions generated can be effectively combined with harmful gases such as bacteria and dust to change the structure. Finally, the multi -layer filtering system that comes with the principle of negative ion purifiers can effectively absorb and filter these bacteria and harmful substances from the air to achieve the purpose of purifying the air from the air.
    The air purifier circulates the indoor air through the motor and fan in the machine, and then removes or adsorb various pollutants in the air through the air filter in the machine, and then returns the negative ion after the ionization. The role of purifying air.
  3. Different structures
    Negative ion generator is a device that generates air ions. Main composition: (1) negative ionic device; (2) power circuit; (3) winding device.
    Air purifier is a home appliance product that effectively improves air cleanliness, mainly composed of systems such as motor, fan, air filter.

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