Hydrogen peroxide mainly relies on strong oxidation to kill microorganisms, so it will not produce drug resistance, and it can also kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. Currently in practical applications, such as Europe’s “Nuofu water” and “Nuofu” as representative products. The most common concentration of hydrogen peroxide at 3 points can easily kill pathogenic microorganisms such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and hepatitis B virus. Even bacterial spores with strong vitality can be killed with a hydrogen peroxide solution of 10 to 30 points.

What is a hydrogen peroxide disinfectant? How to apply in the food industry?

In the medical field, hydrogen peroxide is mainly used for surface disinfection of medical devices, and can also be used for oral disinfection or wound cleaning. Because it is colorless and odorless, there is almost no residue after sterilization, and it has many applications in pharmaceutical, food, breeding, planting, and industrial fields, such as pharmaceutical environment, traditional Chinese medicine powder, Chinese medicine decoction pieces, air, objects, dairy products, juice, winery, Packaging for tobacco factories, beer, drinking water. It can also be used for cleaning, smearing and disinfection of cow teats, and low-concentration hydrogen peroxide spray can be used for air and ground disinfection in workshops.

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