You can use 84 hydrogen peroxide liquid hydrogen peroxide. Wear rubber gloves before use. 84 will be slightly corrosive. Taking Mo Lifeng 84 hydrogen peroxide solution as an example, 1:100 diluted with water, mopping the floor, cleaning furniture, walls, wash basins, toilets, can achieve the effect of hydrogen peroxide. Pay attention to dead ends and clean them up. Keep ventilated.

  1. Traditional hydrogen peroxide. Commonly used in ordinary households, mix hydrogen peroxide with water, and then wipe the place where hydrogen peroxide is needed with a rag area, or mix hydrogen peroxide with water and mop the floor. Need to do a good job of protection, remember not to directly contact the skin, high requirements for hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Space atomized hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide is atomized by the atomizer, sprayed on the object or distributed into the air to achieve the sterilization effect. Hydrogen peroxide water has high requirements, bixu is non-toxic, colorless, odorless, non-irritating, and gaoxiao.
  3. Ozone hydrogen peroxide. Use the oxidative properties of ozone to kill viruses. Ozone hydrogen peroxide needs to be avoided by people. After hydrogen peroxide, open windows for ventilation. Excessive inhalation of ozone can cause physical discomfort, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms.
  4. Ultraviolet hydrogen peroxide. Sterilize with UV light. Most homes are UV lamps, which need to be avoided by people, and hydrogen peroxide cannot be used in the dead corners of the home. Or hire professional hydrogen peroxide personnel, need to evacuate all the animals and plants in the home, the operation is complicated and the cost is high.

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