1. The elevator air disinfection machine should comply with the requirements of related equipment for special equipment. First of all The machine manufacturer went to the elevator -related inspection agency for a equipment safety test.

Elevator air disinfection machine

  1. The use environment of elevator air disinfection machines is different from the ordinary indoor environment. It needs dynamic disinfection: The space of the elevator car is narrow and generally below 10 cubic meters. Later disinfection afterwards.
  2. The disinfection method of elevator air disinfection machines must meet the coexistence of human -machine. It is harmful to the human body and cannot guarantee the coexistence of human machines. The better disinfection method for elevators is now for plasma air disinfection.
  3. Elevator air disinfection machines must have ozone monitoring feedback processing devices. Many of the occurrence principles of air disinfection machines cannot be separated from high -voltage electricity. Furniture meets environmental standards, but formaldehyde is exceeded.
  4. The installation location of the elevator air disinfection machine is generally recommended on the top of the car. Generally, the adhesion method is generally used in the car to affect the inconvenience of the aesthetic use. Safety

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