The low-temperature plasma sterilizer plays a very important role in hospitals and other occasions. It can process many equipment, reduce the bacteria on it, and make it more clean, so it cannot be ignored. So do you know what equipment it can handle? What advantages does it have? Let’s take a look at the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer below.

  1. The low temperature plasma sterilizer can clean probes, laparoscopes, tube endoscopes, laser handpieces, intracranial sensors, laryngoscopes, ophthalmic lenses, esophageal dilators, defibrillation motors and other equipment.
  2. The sterilization device itself has a very powerful storage function. It can store more than 1 million sterilization data, including sterilization date, sterilization start and end time, sterilization temperature, program serial number, sterilization pot order and other data, and can support printing.
  3. The device can clean up the remaining germs and microorganisms on the instrument, making it cleaner and more efficient.
  4. The sterilization cycle of the low-temperature plasma sterilizer is very short, and it does not need to be cleaned in advance before use, and the required cost is also very low, so it is very suitable for use.

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