When we use a mobile air disinfection machine, when we drive the disinfection machine, we must move gently to reduce the vibration of the air disinfection machine. When the human -machines are located in a dynamic air disinfection machine, the effective use time of the dynamic air disinfection machine reaches 8,000 hours. At this time, a new dynamic air disinfection machine should be replaced immediately.

When the air disinfection machine is turned on, we must make sure that no debris blocks the air inlets and air outlets of the air disinfection machine. If it is found to be faulty or alert during operation, we should immediately turn off the power and contact the professional maintenance master. Process.

After using it every day, we need to use a wet towel to clean the surface of the air disinfection machine. When cleaning the disinfection machine, we need to cut off the power of the disinfection machine. We should also avoid direct contact with the disinfectant and water to avoid rinse the disinfection machine directly with water.

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