1. Take the initiative to disinfect

Using plasma innovation technology to achieve active disinfecting, 3IN1 function: hunting bacteria virus, removing PM2.5, and decomposing TVOC. And the elimination efficiency is extremely high:

One -time microbial elimination rate: 99.6%(2m/s), one -time particle removal rate: 97.9%(2m/s), H1NI elimination rate: 99.99%, coronary virus elimination rate: 99.99%

  1. 0 consumables

No consumables are generated during the period, and the cost of maintenance in the later period is low. Only granular pollutants gathered on the reactor each year.

  1. Low power consumption, long life span

Green energy saving, low attenuation, useful life is 10 years, breaking through the bottleneck of service life. At the same time, the life of the fresh air unit can be extended.

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