1. Bleeding powder disinfection: bleaching powder solution (concentration of 1-2%), spray disinfection in the library.
  2. Sodium recording: (84 disinfectant), spray disinfection in the library according to the proportion of 1:29.
  3. Formalin disinfection: Furmarin solution is 34-40%formaldehyde solution, sprayed.
  4. UV disinfection: It is a better way to disinfection with ultraviolet light combination cold storage. It can both sterilize and remove mold. It also has some deodorizing effects.
  5. Ozone disinfection: Ozone can extend the storage period of fruits and vegetables and drinks to drink other foods by 3-10 times. In actual applications, the ozone generator should be installed above the cold storage, or it is blowing from bottom to top; the stacking of fruits and vegetables should be conducive to ozone contact and diffusion. The powerful bactericidal ability of anti -mold ozone can inhibit the growth of mold and effectively prevent mold.
  6. Physical mold removal method: It uses temperature, humidity, ultraviolet rays, high -frequency electrical and copper wire filters to remove mold. Frequent ventilation, keeping dry and so on.

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