In a certain space environment, the medical air disinfection machine cleans the harmful gas and germs in the air in all directions. No matter how the outdoor gas condition changes, it can ensure the cleanliness of the indoor. At present, the common medical air disinfection machines on the market mainly include ozone -air disinfection machines, ultraviolet air disinfection machines, optical touch media air disinfection machines, plasma air disinfection machines. The following are some details introduced by Xiaobian for reference.

Ozone -air disinfection machine: The ozone generator in the ozone disinfection machine is mainly processed by electrolytic method. Generally large and medium -sized ozone generators are usually divided into two categories: oxygen source and its air source. Expand the electrolytic ozone. The ozone formed by the ozone generator can perform oxidative effects in a very short period of time under low concentration conditions; when a very small amount is in a very small amount, a fresh atmosphere will be generated. UV air disinfection machine: The basic principles of the ultraviolet anti -virus machine running, through ultraviolet rays to the germs and microorganisms such as the gases and their viruses, in order to promote the damage effect of the ingredients in the DNA in it, and let it die that can be killed. Or the ability of death breeding makes it miss. Light Catathy Air disinfection machine: Generally, it is made of nano -category, which is matched with the light -colored lighting, which causes the cave with positive electron and negative electrons on the surface of titanium dioxide. Plasma air disinfection machine: The basic principle of sterilization is to use the bipolar plasma static electric field to form a decomposer and break the effect of negative power bacteria, and it will knock out the dust in the gas and its adsorption.

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