Air sterilizers can be classified according to their working principles and installation methods.
According to the working principle, it is divided into three categories: air sterilizers for physical factors, air sterilizers for chemical factors, and air sterilizers for other factors.
According to the installation method, it is divided into four categories: wall-mounted, cabinet, mobile cabinet, and embedded.
Classified by working principle
Physical factor air sterilizer: The air sterilizer that uses electrostatic adsorption, filtration technology and ultraviolet rays to kill or remove microorganisms in the air to meet the disinfection requirements can be used for indoor air disinfection in the presence of people. Such as electrostatic adsorption air sterilizer, high efficiency filter (HEPA), ultraviolet air sterilizer, etc.
Chemical factor air sterilizer: The air sterilizer that uses the generated chemical factor to kill microorganisms in the air and meets the disinfection requirements is only used for disinfection of indoor air when no one is there. Such as chlorine dioxide air sterilizer, ozone air sterilizer, hydrogen peroxide air sterilizer, peracetic acid air sterilizer, etc.
Air sterilizers with other factors: use other factors to kill microorganisms in the air and meet the disinfection requirements, such as plasma air sterilizers, photocatalyst air sterilizers, etc.

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