1. When disinfection with wall -mounted air disinfection machines, doors and windows should be closed.
  2. In order to ensure the disinfection effect of wall -mounted air disinfection machines, the disinfection time should be ≥120min.

Wall -mounted air disinfection machine

  1. When disinfected with wall -mounted air disinfection machines, the air around the machine should be kept unobstructed and no object blocks.
  2. When moving and loading and unloading wall -mounted air disinfection machines, pay special attention to the impact or fall of this machine by hard objects.
  3. Found abnormalities during use. If there is a odor or damage to the lamp, when it needs to be processed, the mechanical and electrical source switch should be turned off immediately, and the power plug should be pulled out.
  4. When using a wall -mounted air disinfection machine, the operator should hold a certificate and must not violate the basic requirements of the operation.
  5. Continuous use of wall -mounted air disinfection machines for a total of 1,000 hours. The filter should be cleaned to maintain the plasma generator or replace it in time to check whether the fan is damaged and replace the guarantee effect in time.

The above content is the introduction of the precautions for the use of wall -mounted air disinfection machines. Wall -mounted air disinfection machines will not affect indoor decoration, which can save space and relatively beautiful. The wall -mounted air disinfection machine is out of the wind and the wind is under the wind. When you don’t want to blow the wind to yourself, you can choose the angle of the wind to avoid the body of the body; when the summer comes, you can choose the angle of the wind to swing the wind angle. When you are aimed at yourself, when you need to purify and disinfect the local air of the room, you can also choose to swing the angle of the wind to aim at the area where you need to quickly purify and disinfect.

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