With the development of industrialization, the problem of air pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the air will also carry some bacteria and viruses. However, there are many methods for air disinfection, including window ventilation, ultraviolet disinfection, disinfectant mopping or spraying, ozone air disinfection, etc. The commonly used disinfection method is to open windows and ventilate on time, which is applicable to many places, such as hospitals and families.

  1. Open the window for ventilation: open the window for ventilation at least twice a day to maintain air circulation and convection, and ventilate for more than 30 minutes each time. Convection purifies the air and environment, and reduces the number of bacteria and viruses;
  2. Ultraviolet disinfection: This method uses ultraviolet rays of appropriate wavelength to destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in pathogenic microorganisms, so as to kill the growing cells and achieve the purpose of disinfection. During disinfection, attention shall be paid to the irradiation intensity, irradiation time and irradiation distance of the ultraviolet lamp to avoid affecting the disinfection effect. When using this method to disinfect, the human body should not be exposed to ultraviolet radiation to avoid adverse consequences to the human body;
  3. Ozone air disinfection: ozone is a strong oxidant, which can decompose the enzyme substances required by glucose in bacteria, directly destroy bacterial organelles, DNA, RNA, and destroy bacterial metabolism, leading to bacterial inactivation and death
  4. Disinfectant mopping or spraying: it is also one of the common disinfection methods. To prepare a certain concentration of disinfectant, you can soak the mop with the disinfectant, mopping the floor 1-2 times a day, or spraying it in the air for disinfection, but pay attention to protecting the mouth, nose and other exposed parts;

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