Commercial hydrogen peroxide is an oxide of hydrogen other than water. Colorless and transparent liquid, its molecular formula is h2o2, its viscosity is slightly higher than that of water, and its chemical properties are generally stored in the form of 30% or 60% aqueous solution, commonly known as hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has a strong oxidizing effect and contains weak acids.

In the chemical industry, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is used as a peroxide (eg, sodium perborate, peracetic acid), epoxy compounds, in the preparation of pharmaceuticals, also in the treatment of toxic waste, extrusion in the food industry, starch modifiers The role of oxidation, preservatives, sterilization, may be in different situations of oxidation or reduction. Available oxidizing agents, bleaching agents, disinfecting agents, dechlorinating agents, and porous substances for rocket fuel, organic or inorganic peroxides, foams, etc.

1. Low-concentration (such as 3%) industrial hydrogen peroxide can be mainly used for sterilization and external medical services. For example, we use it as a wound disinfection

2. The best ratio for blood test: 6% hydrogen peroxide plus 0.005% methylene blue. The O2 used for the raw materials used in the experiments.

3. For industrial use (about 10% for higher mass concentration), it is used in the industries of Chinese textile, leather, paper, and wood manufacturing enterprises as bleaching and deodorizing agents.

4. Hydrogen peroxide is also one of the components of hair dyes, and can also be used as synthetic organic raw materials (catechol) materials, medicines, metal surface treatment agents, polymerization initiators, etc. Can also be used as rocket propellant.

Chemical synthesis: Main raw materials for plastic products initiators, foaming agents, plasticizers, peroxides and other products

Paper Industry: Pulp Bleaching

Textile Industry: Cloth Bleaching

Environmental protection industry: sewage treatment

We pay special attention to the hazards of using:

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