1. The air disinfection machine is to filter and vacuum air through some mechanical equipment, special materials, etc. to achieve the purpose of air purification. The air such as dust and smoke will be transformed into clean and fresh air.
  2. The air disinfection machine is equipped with a disinfection device, which largely has the effect of eliminating bacteria, viruses, spores and other microorganisms contained in the air.
  3. If there are smokers in the room, when the oil fume is too large to cope with the hood, it is difficult to cope with the hood, and the air disinfection machine will also play a greater role in the purification of “second -hand smoke” and “oil fume”.
  4. The air disinfection capacity effectively removes harmful gases released from volatile organic matter, formaldehyde, benzene, pesticides, fog hydrocarbons, paint, furniture, decoration, etc. to avoid allergies, cough,, Symptoms of physical discomfort such as pharyngitis and pneumonia.
  5. The air disinfection function effectively absorbs bacteria, viruses, mold, mold, and mold on the surface of the object. At the same time, it removes the source of diseases such as dead dandruff and pollen in the air, reducing the spread of disease in the air.

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