Plasma disinfection machines are a category of accumulation, which is different from the four unique ingredients of “solid”, “liquid” and “gas”. Plasma disinfection machine, which is a device for disinfection and sterilization of air. In addition to the so -called sterilization disinfection of germs, virus infections, yellow fungus, cells, etc., it can also remove indoor formaldehyde in the indoor environment. Organic pollution gas such as dimuric acid can also be eliminated or considered allergens such as bee pollen. At the same time, the smoke and smoke smell of smoke and smoke, the unusual smell of the toilet, and the man’s body taste are reasonable. So what are the functions of plasma disinfection machines?
What are the effects of plasma disinfection machines: 1. High -efficiency disinfection and sterilization: reaches the elimination rate of germs in air and microbial bacteria reaches ≥99.99%; 2. High -efficiency purification treatment: Clear ≥90.00%of floating dust particles over 0.6 μm in the air; 3 . Flow -spectrum sterilization: For germs, yellow fungus, viral infections, and large intestine dry bacteria in the air; 4. Green and environmental protection: choose the dust removal method to achieve the recycling and utilization of organic exhaust gas treatment objects; 5. Intelligent control system: Using a variety of sensor technology such as gas, particulate matter, O2, etc. to achieve the start and standby automatic control system; 6. High -end luxury: choose a full intelligence and luxury version of LCD display design solutions, and freely select 3 disinfection and sterilization methods on time, on time, and manual sterilization. 7. Maintenance and convenient maintenance: After the semiconductor material is selected, the polluting equipment spare parts only need to be cleaned with cold water; 8. The human -machine coexist: trustworthy, can be continuously disinfected and sterilized in some people; 9. The high -far -infrared remote control can be accepted, which can be operated long -distance; 10. Use the imported circular system centrifugal fan, environmentally friendly energy saving, durable, low noise; 11. The service life of the entire device, maintenance, common fault alarm and other functions are used remind. The above is the role of Takukang’s explanation about plasma disinfection machines. I hope it can be helpful to you.

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