Because of its diverse principles, there are many types. But the main types are plasma aircraft and ultraviolet air disinfection. Compared with the international advanced plasma air disinfectioner and the traditional UV circular air disinfection, it has the following advantages:

Sterilization: Plasma sterilization and disinfection effect, short -term time, far lower than high -strength ultraviolet rays.

Environmental: The air disinfection machine continues to work and does not avoid ultraviolet rays, ozone, and environmental pollution. Air disinfection machine

Defrastructure: While disinfection of the air, the plasma disinfection can decompose the harmful and toxic gases in the air. According to the inspection report of the China Disease Prevention and Control Center, the decomposition rate within 24 hours is: 91%formaldehyde, benzene 93%, ammonia, ammonia, ammonia, and ammonia. 78%, toluene 96%. At the same time, pollutants such as flue gas and smoke can also be effectively removed.

Low energy consumption: The power of the plasma air disinfection is one -third of the ultraviolet disinfectioner, which saves power. A room suitable for 150 square meters can save 150W plasma, more than 450W of ultraviolet machines, and 1,000 yuan per year.

Life is long: When the ionic disinfectant is used normally, the design life is 15 years, and the ultraviolet disinfectioner is only 5 years. Air disinfection machine

Disposal in life consumables: UV disinfection device needs to replace the electric lamp tube for about 2 years, with a cost of nearly 1,000 won. Plasma disinfectant does not require consumables for a lifetime.

What are the precautions for the air disinfection machine?

For static disinfection or dynamic disinfection, doors and windows must be closed.

It is strictly forbidden to cover or block the inlet and exit of the disinfection.

The power socket must use a 3 -core socket with a safe branch.

The water is strictly prohibited from entering the water, and the power should be cut off when cleaning the machine with a wet cloth.

In order to achieve the disinfection effect, it cannot exceed volume. Air disinfection machine

Check the working status of the machine regularly, and find that abnormalities should be checked immediately. Electric faults should be handled by professional and technical personnel.

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