What are the benefits of dry mist sterilization with hydrogen peroxide at home?
Hydrogen peroxide sterilization, as the main method of clean area and aerospace sterilization, has been developed and applied abroad for decades. As an alternative to formaldehyde sterilization in the space environment, hydrogen peroxide sterilization has developed rapidly and is gradually being promoted in laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, scientific research institutions, hospitals and animal houses. Hydrogen peroxide sterilization is divided into vaporization, atomization and dry fog hydrogen peroxide sterilization.
Different disinfection methods of hydrogen peroxide space;

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide:

Abbreviated as vhp, it refers to the use of high-temperature evaporation of high-concentration (30-35 points) hydrogen peroxide, so that the disinfectant is converted from liquid to gaseous state, and diffused into the sterilization space, using the oxidative properties of hydrogen peroxide to kill microorganisms.

Aseptic preparation workshop and other space are large, and the application effect is poor. Gaseous hydrogen peroxide diffuses through the difference in the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the space, with poor uniformity and high corrosiveness. For example, the peeling of colored steel plates, corrosion of metal equipment and monitoring instruments lead to equipment damage, because vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization equipment requires the use of high-concentration hydrogen peroxide. In addition, the device is expensive and has a narrow scope of application.

Atomized hydrogen peroxide:

Atomized hydrogen peroxide is to atomize hydrogen peroxide liquid through crushing and spraying equipment, so as to achieve the effect of air and environmental disinfection. Compared with vaporized hydrogen peroxide, the disinfection range is zengda points, and the concentration of hydrogen peroxide solution is reduced. Save time and cost.
Dry atomized hydrogen peroxide:

Dry fog hydrogen peroxide is based on atomized hydrogen peroxide. The atomized particles are smaller, the diffusion range is wider, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is greatly reduced (5 points to 8 points), and there is no corrosion to equipment and color steel plates. The dry fog sterilization equipment uses the Venturi principle, uses the compressed air of the venturi pump to drive the rotation, sputters the hydrogen peroxide solution, and quickly transports the dry mist particles smaller than 10 microns to the remote end and spreads to the entire space to achieve gaoxiao sterilization. . Therefore, these properties of dry mist make it very easy to spread, leaving no dead spots during the disinfection process and without wetting the surface.

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