1. atomized disinfection function, disinfection, and ensuring safety. Automatic induction spray function (intelligent induction, saving cost); device installation of microwave mobilized body sensor sensors, detecting someone to enter the fogmaker to spray disinfectant to the disinfection channel. Non -angular spray (not stimulating the decent organs) Disinfection channels The fog mouth is designed for low -facing angle and avoiding discomfort from the fog.
  2. Non -contact alcohol disinfectioner on the hand to prevent cross -infection. The equipment temperature measurement area is designed with a hand disinfection device. The non -contact sensor is sprayed, safe and hygienic, and can effectively sterilize the opposite side.
  3. The disinfection function of the sole, there is a carpet containing disinfection agents in the middle of the disinfection channel, which can disinfect the sole of the personnel.
  4. Food -grade disinfection agent to ensure human health and safety. Equipment uses food -grade disinfection agents, widely used in videos, tap water, vegetables and fruits and other objects disinfected. The solution is provided strictly according to the PPM configuration ratio. Human health and safety. The disinfectant is equipped with uniformly equipped, 50%lower than the market price.
  5. Infrared human body temperature measurement, sound and light alarm. Using high -precision industrial infrared spectrum sensors, before the factory is calibrated by the source of black body radiation, it can achieve non -contact measuring human meter temperature, fast and reliable, can effectively avoid cross -infection, and collect the body temperature in real time. You can send message notifications through mailboxes and text messages in real time.
  6. Equipment status reminder function, the equipment has work, liquid, and status display, allowing the equipment manager to grasp the operating status of the equipment in real time, and the fogmaking equipment has the function of preventing dry burning and effectively preventing the operation of the device damage.
  7. Automatic fluid replenishment function, the device design has a 5L ultra -large -capacity liquid box to reduce the workload of the operator, which is convenient for the use of disinfectant without replenishment.

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