The built -in plasma air disinfection and purification system of wall -mounted air disinfection machines can be used to use a specific voltage to convert the electrons in the particle atoms in the air into a charged ion, forming millions of positive ions and negative ions in the air. These ions can simulate the simulation The air environment in the natural mountainous areas, purification is a dirty air, can also effectively eliminate fungal and kill virus, giving you a fresh environment with your family, and escorting the health of your family.
Wall -mounted air purifiers are a common structure of indoor air disinfection equipment. Equipment can be suspended and installed like wall -mounted air conditioners. It does not occupy the indoor space while achieving the due air and killing effect. It can be applied to different environments. The common disinfection of the principle of ultraviolet ray is still used in hospital places. It is not recommended for family. Of course, this is not necessary. Except for special circumstances, except for special circumstances. The maintenance and maintenance of wall -mounted disinfection machines needs to be carried out according to their different working principles.

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