1. The design of ultraviolet disinfectant must meet the requirements of “The Safety Requirements of the Power Supply of Power Supply and Electronics of the Power Supply of Power Grid”.
  2. UV disinfectant shall be manufactured in the drawings and technical documents approved by the technical management regulations.
  3. The components of the same type of ultraviolet disinfection should ensure interchangeability.
  4. The surface of the disinfectant should be polished through the surface of ultraviolet rays.
  5. The work pressure of the pressure cylinder must not be less than 0.60 MPa, and then the test pressure must not be less than 0.90 MPa
  6. The guide plate should be set in the cylinder or box.
  7. The installation requirements of ultraviolet low -pressure mercury lamps and lamps should meet YY/T0160 “Straight Tube Quartz UV low -pressure mercury disinfection lamp”.
  8. When the environmental requirements are high, it is more suitable for choosing low ozone lamps to reduce the pollution of ozone to the environment.
  9. The layout of the lamp should make the ultraviolet strength of ultraviolet rays evenly distributed evenly.
  10. UV disinfectant should have a relative instructions for lighting instructions, cumulative time indication instructions, or ultraviolet irradiation intensity.
  11. The lamp tube also needs to be used with glass clamping water, and the transmitted ratio of the period of 253.7 mm ultraviolet rays should be greater than 85%.
  12. The low -voltage electrical appliances selected by ultraviolet disinfection should meet the technical requirements of the corresponding products.
  13. The disinfectant should be equipped with inlet, outlet pipes, drainage pipes and sampling pipes. When the disinfectant is not convenient to place the drainage pipe, it can also be installed on the pipeline equivalent to the disinfectioner.
  14. The specifications of UV disinfection and diameter of the inlet and outlet pipes should be selected according to the table.
  15. According to the standard inspection requirements, new lamp products are required, and the measured dose of ultraviolet radiation should not be less than 12000 WS/CM. In particular, the dosage of ultraviolet radiation measured under normal operation should not be less than 9000 watts/cm.
  16. According to the standard, staff must work under the amount of disinfection water, and also meet the requirements of “Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water in Life” for refined research indicators.
  17. Materials should not only meet the “Standards for Safety Evaluation Standards for Drinking Water Equipment and Protective Materials”. In addition, 304L and 316L stainless steel materials are usually used.
  18. UV disinfectant water head losses should be less than 0.005MPa under the amount of disinfection water.

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