Medical air disinfection machines are naturally used for disinfection machines for medical purposes. They are mainly disinfected in the medical environment and specially treated the environment. You need to ensure a special place in the environment.
In some environment where the human body is relatively low, the use of medical air disinfection machines can disinfect it, so that people living in it can recover as soon as possible. It will be better until the immunity comes up and then leave such an environment.
Compared with medical air disinfection machines, household air disinfection machines are not so strict. In fact, domestic disinfection machines, or air purifiers are more appropriate. After all, for our living environment, excessive “clean” is actually not actually not in fact. It’s too suitable. After all, when we go out, we will still be exposed to ** bacteria. Too “clean” the family environment will also cause some problems with the body.
Industrial disinfection machines can be divided into several categories. One category is not very strict with the requirements of bacteria. Such places may focus on eliminating heavy pollution such as dust. It is said that the manufacturer of the mask, or the factory that produces some precision instruments, has stricter for these factories.

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