1. Generally, the negative ion generator uses the negative high voltage generated by it to generate a large amount of negative ions. The negative ions generated by the naturally exist in the natural air in the natural air generate a certain amount of energy release. As a result, the surrounding bacterial structure changes or the conversion of energy, which causes bacterial death and achieve the role of sterilization.
    However, the number of positive ions in nature in nature is quite small, so its sterilization effect is very small. Therefore, the bactericidal effect of the ion generator of the ion generator is far more than the negative ion generator.
  2. The plasma generator generates a large number of negative ions and positive ions at the same time. Because the number of negative ions is far greater than the number of positive ions, the ionic ion will be neutralized immediately after the occurrence of ion is generated. Therefore, there may be a large number of positive ions in the air.
    Positive ion and negative ions themselves are part of the air ingredients. Therefore, an appropriate amount of positive ions have no side effects on the human body. Therefore, the plasma generator allows the air to purify and sterilize the air while allowing the space to be performed in the space of the human body.

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