Plasma air 5-log disinfection

Tunnel 500

Plasma Air Purification & Disinfection Device

Medical-Grade Air Protection

Much more than a purifier , fungi decontamination to 5-log 

Is the best choice for small halls, hair solon, restaurants, hotels, offices, wards and other small and all the small-medium-sized public spaces . 

Using the combination of low-pressure plasma sterilization technology and UVA sterilization technology , with a big air flow of 1200m³/h  , Tunnel 500 can eliminates VOC, TVOC, pathogens and other harmful substances in the air without affecting human health.

Clear Advantages

Low Noise

Protect your breath safety in silence

99.999% biological reduction

High level broad spectrum disinfection 

Complete Purification

Not only eliminate microbe but also VOC ,TVOC ,PM 2.5 , ODOR

Up To 200 M³

1000m³/h air flow circulates minimum 4 times in a space of 200 m³

Medical grade disinfection

Medical level reactive oxygen species generator keep a electron density of 9.1*10^18 /m³ ions inside the machine

Zero risk for human health

The full decontamination process inside the machine , air get ‘washed’ before discharge , free ozone 

Plasma & UVA Combination Technology

By adjusting the specific concentration of plasma and UVA wavelengths combined photocatalyst , as well as the action time of the two treatment methods, the disinfection effect of 1+1>2 can be achieved: the sterilization effect of using plasma and ultraviolet  in combination is much greater than using 2 times any single method .

We use High-speed Pulsed Surface Discharge to act on the oxygen and water vapor in the air to form a high density “plasma tunnel” trillions ions , when the air pass in this tunnel with microorganisms  VOC, TVOC and odor , a large number of basic chemical bonds are destroyed. The remaining damaged microorganisms and other substances enter the UVA treating unit , during this contact time less than 1 second , all the microorganisms are inactivated then discharged with the air , the remaining reactive oxygen species as ozone , OH. and HO2 will filtered by a special filter , so there will be no impact on the indoor environment and people inside

Small body ,High capacity

wall mount and vertical version

remote control

3 levels selectable

air disinfection

Technical specification

Power supply

220-230V 50/60HZ

Electrical power


Net weight


Max disinfection volume

200 ㎡

Air flow

1000 m³/h



Working temperature

0-50 ℃