1. Filter adsorption type: use porous filter materials, such as non-woven fabric, filter paper, fiber, foam cotton, etc., to absorb suspended particles and harmful gases in the air, so as to purify the air.
  2. Electrostatic dust collection type: By using static electricity to charge pollutants in the air, and then using a dust collection device to capture and adsorb charged particles of air dust, the goal of purifying the air is achieved.
  3. Composite type: Simultaneously using filtration and electrostatic dust removal methods to purify air.
  4. Ozone sterilization type: Utilizing the strong oxidizing power of ozone to sterilize and disinfect the air, removing odors, harmful components such as formaldehyde, bacteria, and mold in the air, and disinfecting and purifying the air.
  5. Ozone sterilization and filtration type: By filtering suspended particles in the air through a filter screen, the strong oxidizing nature of ozone is used to sterilize and disinfect the air, eliminate odors, remove harmful components such as formaldehyde, bacteria, and mold in the air, and disinfect and purify the air.

Among them, ozone sterilization air purifiers have strong purification functions for smoke, suspended particles, bacteria, and viruses, especially for the thorough sterilization of bacteria in the air. They are widely used in hospitals, public places, and industrial production workshops in schools for air disinfection, sterilization, and purification. The ozone sterilization and filtration type is suitable for public places and homes with small spaces.

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