1. Chemical deodorization method
    Using irreversible chemical reactions between the main components of the odor component and chemical solution, a new odorless substance is generated to achieve the purpose of deodorization; the corresponding chemical agent is needed due to different odor components. The main methods are: air oxidation method, chemical oxidation method, washing-adsorption method (wet absorption oxidation method), adsorption-oxidation method, etc.
  2. Bio -deodorization
    The process of degrading or transforming organic pollutants in the odor gas into a process of harmless or low -harmful substances with microorganisms. The main methods are: biological filtration method, soil method, filling tower -type biominal deodorization method, etc.
  3. ion deodorization method
    When air deodorize equipment through high -energy ions, oxygen molecules are affected by high -energy electron collisions emitted by the device to form a positive and negative charge oxygen ions. These positive and negative oxygen ions have strong activity. After a series of reactions, compounds containing C, H, and S compounds finally form a small molecular compound CO2, H2O, and SO2, and no secondary pollutants are generated; Effectively destroy the living environment of the bacteria in the air and reduce the bacterial concentration in the indoor air; after colliding with the small solid particles in the air in the air, the granular load is produced and the aggregation effect is Termers can be captured or sinking down by their own gravity to achieve the purpose of purifying the air, and at the same time, it can also achieve human -machine coexistence.

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