Three ways of medical air disinfection machines are ultraviolet disinfection, ozone air disinfection, and ionic air disinfection. The first two hospitals in the front are very common. And the plasma air disinfection is relatively small. The disinfection method, the main plasma air disinfection machine releases positive and negative ions to destroy the internal structure of the virus, achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection, and is environmentally friendly research and development of medical plasma air disinfection machines. Not only is the activity high, but also placed in public places, it can achieve human -machine coexistence and will not cause any damage to the human body. And the editor said that the two ozone air disinfection machines and ultraviolet air disinfection machines in front of the editor will damage the human body when indoor disinfection and cannot realize artificial coexistence. Therefore Humans leave the room to prevent patients from being damaged by ultraviolet or ozone. Therefore, plasma medical air disinfection machines have no harm. Only when the two types reach a certain concentration, they will damage the human body. As a medical device, medical air disinfection machines are relatively high, and their own design and equipment are also people -oriented. The products produced by regular manufacturers generally will not endanger human health. However, it should be noted that because manufacturers in the market are compared There are many, various technologies are uneven, and some inferior medical air disinfection machines cannot meet the requirements, but they will produce a lot of ozone. Such products may cause some harm to the human body. Under normal circumstances, the place where medical air disinfection machines are often used are mainly hospitals, and whether it is the hospital itself, the requirements for the product are relatively high, so if you buy a medical air disinfection machine produced and sold by regular manufacturers, you don’t need to worry about being too much. many. Whether it is ultraviolet disinfection or ozone disinfection, unless the concentration of the two is extremely high, it will not harm the human body, and those who enter will require wearing mask gloves, so as not to affect the bacteria carried by the body on the sterile environment. In this way In the first time, the impact of disinfection machines on the human body will also be reduced. What are the precautions for medical plasma air disinfection machines?

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