With the improvement of living standards, air quality has also received a lot of attention. In order to ensure the clean and hygienic of indoor air, many families choose to install the air purification system. Now there are many styles and functional patterns in the market. Different types of purifiers are also different in terms of working principles. In order for everyone to choose better, let’s talk about the working principles of several different air purification systems.

  1. Compound air purification equipment:
    The working principle of this kind of air purification system is to combine the internal motor and fan of the machine to work together, so that indoor air is well circulated and flowing. After the filthy air was filtered through the filter, some pollutants contained in it were efficiently efficient While removing and adsorption, some live oxygen and negative ions are released to the air to better absorb pollutants in the air. Through this multi -faceted purification, the indoor air surface is cleaned and purified.
    Plasma air purification equipment
  2. Negative ion air purification equipment:
    Negative ion purification equipment is currently a more popular air purifier. The principle is to achieve the adsorption effect of toxic gases in the air through negative ions. Compared to more active, automatically capture the toxic gases, it is very environmentally friendly and green, without having to lose any materials.
  3. Physical air purification equipment
    Unlike the active purification of negative ion air purifiers, physical purification is a passive air purification method, which is a traditional mechanical filter filtering method. Generally speaking, there are two filters to choose from, which are activated carbon filters, respectively With the HEPA filter, the absorbed air is filtered through the filter to eliminate the dust and odor contained in the air. Physical purification in all purification methods is a commonly used and effective way to purify large particulate matter.

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